The Morning After of Superbowl boxing

The event of March 16th was announced as the superbowl of boxing; a daring event that generated a lot of expectations, and also delivered on its promises!

What do our experts think about this day that was written in history of this noble art in Quebec?

What do they see as their strengths, besides the effective matchmaking that gave intensity and rivalry to the fights with ruthless opponents who have faced our athletes with the sole ambition of winning?

The KO of the evening, triumphant performances, surprises, and more!

Hear their point of views, and see what Antonin and Camille had to say following these 2 quality shows!

Our vision for the future is to develop a team with diverse talent, and to establish ourselves in the world of professional sports. #EOTTMARMY on a mission to conquer the boxing world on an international level!